website premiere: April 4, 1997

The information on this page was researched and prepared by Scully and Mulder themselves, before those bastards left town! Here’s some of their findings: 

  • This is the personal website of Steven Hanju Lee, dedicated to showcasing his interests and explorations in life, art, drawing, literature, movies, music, painting, photography, politics, television and more;

  • Steven was born at the Cariboo Memorial Hospital in the city of Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada where he spent his childhood; and

  • Steven has spent the rest of his life living in Metro Vancouver, after his parents retired to South Surrey when Steven was a teenager.

Finally, some of the ideas, jokes and writing on this site deal with mature themes and subject matters, and as such, reader discretion is advised. 

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The following links are links to the website's of just some of the inspirational individuals I have learned from and studied with over time. The list is very much a work in progress, always evolving and growing.

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