On the power of an awkward silence...

On July 11, 2018, I took part in a presentation on comedy and we started our presentation with a two-minute silence, which created an awkwardness to everything and a lot of nervous laughter. Following the presentation, I decided to craft this journal post as a brief overview of some of the best examples of how silence has been used in comedy and comedic performances.

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a few new things and a video too!

Here I am. It's so late again, 2:15am on April 22, 2016.

I finally did it - I have a new website name: http://livingcreativelee.net/

My old one still works, but I'm going to use the new one from now on as it's much easier to remember (for me anyway - and that's important when I'm telling it to others). 

I also updated the splash page to my site. I'm rotating three photographs of my drawings, three photographs related to my paintings, three related to my ceramics work and three relating to my photography. 

I added a link to my collections database that I am able to share with the world, it's under the new writing menu option... that's taken up a lot of my time this year - organizing my DVD collection. It's large. I used to have a complete list that I maintained on my old website but that hasn't been updated in years. I started using the Collectorz program years ago but it had issues that resulted in my limited use of it. Firstly, I could only download a copy onto one computer at a time and maintain one list on that computer. Now, I'm able to sync my lists with their cloud service, which also allows me to again easily share the list of DVDs, books and CDs that I own with the world. I can also use the program on my iPhone and my iPad, or on my laptop or desktop computer - and I can pull up the same list on any of the platforms - making it very easy for me to update it regularly. The lists aren't perfect - some films and books I own aren't in the database. I've kept a separate list of those and I'll have to manually add them later on. The DVD list is also not complete as I still have to add some TV shows, my foreign films and a good chunk of my fine art documentaries. 

I also updated my CV to include a new section at the bottom, related to the various associations, societies and clubs I'm a member of. 

Finally, I recently uploaded a video to YouTube, it's one that I created for one of my spring classes. You can find it here: 

I'm also working on a write-up about the Vancouver Art Gallery's MASHUP exhibition which I hope to post shortly.

Until next time,

- Steven