On a definition of 'comedy'...

I want to know more about how to be funny. I want to scratch the surface of what defines comedy at its most basic level. And I hope to do that by summarizing and presenting different quotes and ideas from various books, interviews and online resources that I’ve recently come across while thinking about what comedy really is.

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Writing Funny!

I’ve signed on for a creative writing course at Kwantlen Polytechnic University on “Writing Funny!” that starts in January 2019, and I’m at best, both excited and terrified about it. I’ve always loved to laugh, joke around and overall in life, I generally try not to take things too seriously. As such, over the next few months, I hope to post a number of journal entries about my exploration of trying to write funny. With this first post, I want to briefly define the term “humour” and explore what humour from different forms of media have influenced myself over the years.

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Top 10 Greatest Books of All Time About Guys Named Steve...

From the Home Office in Wahoo, Nebraska, it's the Top Ten List from July 21, 1998...

  • 10. War and Peace and Steve
  • 9. The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Steves
  • 8. The Grapes of Steve
  • 7. The Steves of Wrath
  • 6. Steve, Grapes, Steve, Wrath, Steve, Steve
  • 5. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Steve is from Cleveland
  • 4. Where's Waldo? Is he With Steve?
  • 3. Time Life Mysteries of the Unknown, Volume VIII: Mysterious Guys Named Steve
  • 2. The Joy of Sex with Steve
  • 1. The Bible (King Steve Edition)